Learning French

Our customized program of French classes at interview101.com are designed to give your kids the bilingual edge in life! We believe that learning a foreign language should be FUN and this is even more true with young children! Lessons are designed to match your child’s interest and capabilities so that your child is always excited to come to us and happy to learn in a friendly atmosphere.

Each of our class is designed perfectly to match the age group of your child. For young guns classes are organized around fun theme-based units that combine singing, movement, interactive exercises and arts & crafts. For the older children emphasize communication and vocabulary building as well as pronunciation and basic grammar skills and follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

We have both individual & group classes with highly qualified teachers for children aged from age 3 +. The activities in our French classes include storytelling, drama, crafts and many fun songs and games. Also, we offer variety of opportunities for crosscurricular activities, with regular monitoring and assessment of progress.

Also, during the pandemic of COVID-19 we never let that get to our children’s education. We are conducting Online lectures with fullest degree of possible interaction with our students.

As per many studies that have conducted on learning a foreign language says that it will enhance a child’s overall performance and enriches a child’s cognitive development.

Major benefits of giving bilingual education to child are;

  • Increase awareness of other cultures
  • Improve competitiveness in the job market
  • Increase brain power
  • It can give children an academic advantage
  • Find it easier to learn a third language
  • Make travel easier and more enjoyable
We have identified various key fact to successful acquisition of French for kids,
  • Kids are by nature curious; Hence, we help your children developing an enthusiasm for languages and other cultures.
  • Entertainment and having fun! It allows high language – learning potential to manifest. It’s all about keeping them interested.
  • Praise children for any efforts and progress. Keeping their minds positive and constant encouraging is important to drive them towards further learning.
  • Staying in touch with parents! We always discussing with parents to keep you upto-date with your child’s progress.

We provide unique and valuable French Programs for Children to learn French, courses start all year round!

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