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At Interview 101 we’re passionately committed to helping to provide a future for Canadian youngsters. We have multiple courses in various domains that help your child use their talent and energy in the right direction. We work with children of all ages and their families to provide them the best education and successfully enroll in prestigious colleges such as UCC, Branksome Hall, Havergal, St Andrew’s or UTS.

Our goal is train our students with the in-depth knowledge about the concepts and the practical implementation of the same. Our instructors thrive towards motivating students to explore, innovate and invent. Interview101 is one of the only schools providing hands-on experience in almost all its course. We have a work bench set up for each and every course module to provide practical knowledge of theories and inventions.

Our Courses

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Age: 4-17 years

Public Speaking for Youth: Confidence Builder Program

We offer an 8-week tailored workshop at our Speaking Studio. Programs include the Believe Program, the Art of Conversation, Impromptu Speaking and Ted Talk Production. These programs are a continuation of our introductory public speaking courses

Age: 4-17 years

Public Speaking for Youth: Competitive Program

We offer an 8 month competitive program at our Speaking Studio. Students will learn how to write a competitive speech, learn effective delivery techniques, become more comfortable with impromptu speaking, take on leadership roles, learn from video evaluations and compete in one or more public speaking competitions.

Age: 4-17 years


SSAT stand for “Secondary School Admission Test”. The SSAT course is meant for the students who want to step into elite middle or high school for education. The curriculum covers the quantitative aptitude, Math and verbal skills. It provides a number of challenges in form of multiple tests, odd questions, clever trap questions, vocabulary, mathematical concepts and passage based reading.

Age: 4-17 years

STEM & Robotics

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM model is designed to impart the practical knowledge of science. The model contains a cumulated series of real life experiment bringing science alive.

Robotics is a branch of science that gives machines the capability to think, rationalize and act like humans. Robotics implements the theories of artificial intelligence

Age: 4-17 years

Math Master

 We train you with beyond the books idea of mathematics. Math is an art which is easy to master by the means of simple tricks and techniques. We guarantee that our students exceed the Canadian curriculum expectations. We take a mixed approach and utilize different teaching methods such as instructional lessons, exercises, tests, homework, and competitions. The program prepares students for the Math Kangaroo and International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) competitions.

Age: 4-17 years

Game Building

Interview101 is happy to bring in a new course module creative technology to train the students with skills and creativity. Our instructors are highly experienced professionals who have worked in multiple domains.Our students who are creative and aspire to make a career out of it have many doors open to themselves after completions of his course. Creative technology is a course that brings your imaginations to life. At Interview101 you can learn to explore and express your ideas and make an effective use of them.

Why US?

At Interview101 we are focused on the quality of education not the quantity. Our highly experienced instructors emphasize on  training our students to apply their knowledge to innovate, explore and invent. Our students are provided hands-on training in all the courses which helps them understand the practical functioning of concepts. The students who are unaware of their hidden talents our instructors help them and motivate them towards polishing themselves and achieving their goals. 

At Interview101 a child can explore, learn, experiment, innovate and compete. Our students are trained and motivated by the instructors towards competitions and events. 

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Interview101 is offering great teachers, and is a great place to receive tutoring. It has helped my daughter alot in school, and I would recommend other children to study here.

Connie Chen

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