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SSAT stand for “Secondary School Admission Test”. The SSAT course is meant for the students who want to step into elite middle or high school for education. The curriculum covers the quantitative aptitude, Math and verbal skills. It provides a number of challenges in form of multiple tests, odd questions, clever trap questions, vocabulary, mathematical concepts and passage based reading.

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Is your child aspiring to study in an elite school? Does he need help with Math and Verbal skills? SSAT is an ultimate solution to all your queries.


The SSAT has two formats:
The Standard SSAT : This format is given on eight designated Saturdays during the academic year at test sites around the world.

The FLEX SSAT: This format is the test given on any other day of the week except the eight designated saturdays. this test can be given only once an academic year.

Elementary Level SSAT

For students currently in Grade 3rd & 4th
Grade applying to: Grade 4th & 5th

Middle Level SSAT

For students currently in Grade 5th to 7th
Grade applying to: Grade 6th to 8th

Upper Level SSAT

For students currently in Grade 8th to 11th
Grade applying to: Grade 9th to PG

why us?

  • Our test prep team all have professorial experience working in schools in Canada. We have years of experience working with many of Toronto’s top private schools.
  • Each teacher is trained to give students and parents clear success strategies for dealing with the challenges of this very important test.
  • Our teachers are also active participants in shaping our effective and exclusive preparation material.
  • Preparing students for the SSAT but also for the demands of an independent school’s curriculum was at the forefront of developing the SSAT course.
  • Individualized planning tailored to the individual student’s abilities, skills, and timeline. Planning is based on initial practice tests, parental input, and teacher observation
  • On-going parental communication and feedback


Most frequent questions and answers

The school curriculum is general i.e. for children of all kinds of skills and capabilities may it be highly skilled or not so skilled. The content also needs to be designed and taught in a limited time frame accordingly. Whereas at interview101 we make sure that the skills and knowledge of your child are analysed and then polished accordingly. Every individual may be trained in a different manner. The topics covered will also be more centric towards the SSAT test which increases the chances of scoring high.

The SSAT score is the best way in which a school can get a brief idea of your child’s skills and competencies. It acts as a comparator between all the applications that get filled out every year for the admissions at high rated private schools.The score is given in the form of percentile. For Example: if you child score a 99 percentile, he is ahead of 99 percent of students that are his age. 

Your child being a smart kid could be an asset but he still needs the proper training and direction. Our talented instructors will guide his knowledge and skills in the right direction and help him/her excel in their area of expertise. Our instructors are not only skilled but also experienced at handling children with all kinds of mind-sets. They might bring out a skill in your child you are not aware of.

What is the difference between SAT and SSAT?



  • SAT is designed for the students who are in high school and want to enter college.
  • SAT is not divided into any modules.
  • SAT consists of Math, Reading, Grammar and Writing.
  • SAT test time is 3 hours and 15 minutes
  • SSAT is designed for all school students aiming to get into private school.
  • SSAT is divided into three modules based on the age criteria of students into elementary, middle and upper level.
  • SSAT consists of Vocabulary, Reading and Math.
  • SSAT test time is:
    • Elementary level: 2 hours and 5 minutes
    • Middle level: 3 hours and 5 minutes
    • Upper level: 3 hours and 5 minutes

Training Contents


SSAT Mathematics covers Computations, Geometry/Algebra and Mathematical computations.

Verbal – Synonyms

Synonyms are the complex words with similar meaning to regular words.

Verbal - Analogies

Analogies are comparison of two otherwise unlike things based on resemblance of a particular aspect.

Vocabulary-Building lessons

Learning new words by using direct and indirect practices

Specific Test Strategies

In-depth preparation by using strategies to achieve the best results.

creative writing techniques

Reading and adapting the best methods of creative writing from well known writers.

English Compreshension

Skills to read and analyse comprehensions effectively and within the time constraint.

full simulation exam

Check whether your preparation is to the point!


Try Our Free SSAT Tests

Explore Learning Tools free diagnostic tests for SSAT to determine which academic concepts you understand and which ones require your ongoing attention. Each SSAT problem is tagged down to the core, underlying concept that is being tested

What Parents say

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Interview 101 has helped my child’s SSAT grades overall! I would highly recommend students to attend this tutoring center. The tutors here are fantastic and so supportive of their students with amazing knowledge of the content being taught.

Cesie Wong

Interview101 is offering great teachers, and is a great place to receive tutoring. It has helped my daughter alot in school, and I would recommend other children to study here.

Connie Chen

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Your child’s SSAT score is an important factor in the admissions process at select, competitive middle and high schools. At Interview101, we understand how these test scores can impact your child’s future.

our SSAT prep team creates an individualized plan for your child that focuses on:

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