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Competitive Program
8 months training - Confidence building activities for kids

Enroll to Our competitive program, its a next level to the confidence builder program and confidence building activities for kids!

The competitive program is a complete package to the development of your child’s vocabulary, persuasive speaking skills, speech writing, fighting the signs of nervousness, evaluation, videos, poetry and ted talks.

This course help you make an entry and win over any competition like public speaking, debates, group discussions and impromptu. 



Our competitive program is a next level to the confidence builder program. The competitive program is a complete package to the development of your child’s vocabulary, thinking ability, personality development and linguistic and analytical skills. It is an extensive curriculum which lasts for 8 months duration. We cover your child’s needs to face the world with confidence. We eliminate the stage fear in your child and promote them towards public speaking.

Our 8 months competitive program consist:

Persuasive speaking


presentation techniques




conversation skills

videos, poetry and ted talks

child’s vocabulary

Why Us?

Our teaching methodology is not only theoretical but we stage the same for your child to explore his/her in built talent. Every child is talented, they just need the right direction and mentor. Our staff has the expertise at training the youth to break their barriers and shine.

Taking each module at a time, our experts try to mould your child’s mind into thinking about how to logically and analytically build the story. Not always do you speak your heart out, your speech should be such that it interest the audiences of unlike minds. Here at elite our professionals help you controls and direct your energy towards innovative ideas to improve your speech.


Schoolgirl at front of elementary class with teacher

By the end of the program your child will be able to compete with the other children of his age and beat them in competition. Your child will develop his/her personality .

During these 8 months we train your child for comprehension, research, writing a speech, preparing and presenting the speech. 

Why does my child need this course?

Does you child feel concious when surrounded by huge crowd?

Is he talented but lacks the confidence to put forwards his ideas?

If your child aspires to start big at a young age. If he/she wishes to conquer their fears and stand out in the class. We help your child to become a proficient public speaker, make better presentations, confidently lead group discussions, speak their heart and mind out and communicate effectively to inspire and motivate.

Our program helps kids with public speaking fears. We motivate your child towards expressing their thoughts, facing the fears at public speaking, dealing with stage fear, communicating and thinking innovative ideas.

A child needs motivation, support and guidance. our mentors provide your child with all of it and more……..

Come let’s learn to Stand Up and Speak!

Class Schedule

Ultimate Confidence Builder and Skills Enhancement Bootcamp

First Class: September 22 2019

Last Class: May 31 2020

NO Class on: Oct 13, Feb 16, Mar 15, Apr 12, May 3, May 17

Class Dates are: 

Sept 22, 29,

Oct 6, 20, 27,

Nov 3,10,17, 24

Dec 1,8,15,

Jan 12,19,26,

Feb 2,9,23,

March 1, 8, 22, 29, 

April 5,19,26, 

May 10,24,31


The competitive program will be a total cost of $2880 plus HST, which is $350/month plus HST with the minimum of 8 students.

**If students want to switch to the Competitive Program AFTER the first FALL session from the confidence builder class their fee would be $2100 plus HST, which is $350/month only for 6 months**

NO students are allowed to join the competitive program after November 17th 2019.


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