Interview Coaching For Students

We offer two excellent interview and public speaking training-based courses with Lori-Ann.. This is a one-day workshop over three hours and includes:

  • Getting through an interview with confidence
  • Speaking effectively
  • Dealing with impromptu public speaking
  • Overcoming and eliminating signs of nervousness

If your child is interested in going to a prestigious school such as UCC, Branksome Hall, Havergal, St Andrew’s or UTS, then they may have as little as three minutes at interview to set themselves apart from all the other kids striving to also get accepted. Many kids have similar grades and reports, so this three minutes could be all they get to stand out and shine.

But if your child suffers with nerves, shyness or a lack of good communication skills, then these interviews could be filling them with more dread than usual. It would be a huge disappointment if everything about their school career was excellent, but their interview let them down at the final hurdle.

Getting Past Band One or Top-Grade School Interviews with Confidence

Give your child the best chance of acing the interview process by learning from the best. We’re proud to be the first in Markham offering an interview course with Lori-Ann Jakel, award winning toastmaster, author, poet and co-founder of Stand Up and Speak Inc, a motivational and interview coaching organization.

Lori-Ann is sought after by many private schools and helps students gain entrance to the most prestigious private schools and universities.

Her courses are described as engaging at the same time as being educational, challenging yet fun and most definitely worthwhile. She’s incredibly passionate about eliminating the fear of public speaking that holds back so many of our talented youngsters. She’s even been described as a ‘partner in a child’s education’ by some parents.

Your Child’s Life can be Changed in $480+HST

When you register, your child wil get access to the entire 8 weeks course which will enable him to overcome his nervousness in public speaking & devise a realistic development for your youngster to get into the school, college or university with grades they deserve. From a two-person interview to a lecture hall full of peers, these skills will see them confidently move forward through life.

With such a competitive world, can you afford to not give them their best foot forward?

$50 to Book your Child’s Slot


  • How much do your public speaking courses cost??
  • Introductory price $450+HST.
  • Who should attend these workshops?
  • You, if your child would like to improve how they speak in public, either in the competitive speaking or presentation.

We can help your child enhance their  presentation skills, eliminate fear and anxiety, and actually enjoy speaking in front of a group.

No prior training or experience in speaking is required. Your child can benefit from our public speaking programs.

  • What are your class sizes?
  • From 8-20, the more the students are, the better because the students can take partners and practice on each other.. One-on-one coaching is also available.
  • Can anyone be a better speaker?
  • Absolutely. It just takes a commitment to practice the skills you’ll acquire in our programs.  If your child want to become a better public speaker, with our help they will – even if public speaking isn’t easy or pleasurable for then now.
  • What career needs to practice public speaking?
  • Any career in any position needs a good public speaking skill to present materials, no matter your kids ending up be a lawyer, doctor, accountant, teacher, sales, dentist, they need to be able to explain to the client what are they expecting and what would the goals be. With today’s technology, a lot of kids are very experience in technology products and lack of communication skills, therefore interview101 club is here to help and don’t forget, our kids are our future.
  • What if my child is afraid to speak in public or just no good at it?
  • Even if you’re terrified of public speaking, the Interview 101 Club can teach your child how to deliver clear, engaging presentations when speaking to a group and if your child is a more experienced speaker, we’ll help you take your public speaking skills to the next level, where your child will gain the respect of their  peers and senior management.
  • How long will it take me to see results?
  • It depends on your child’s current level of skill and how much time they dedicate to practice. Virtually all of our courses are personalized and designed to allow students to quickly absorb and put newly acquired skills into action straight away.
  • Is a private or group course a better option for me?
  • This is really down to personal preference. Of course private is more concentrate, but the price is also more expensive.