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#1 Choose the word closest in meaning to LITHE.

#2 Find the value of variable x in the following expression: 4 (x + 6) = 64

#3 Choose the word closest in meaning to BELLICOSE

#4 Pillow is to pillow cover as orange is to ___________.

#5 Find the mean of the following 8 scores: {68,35,46,36,58,45,57,71}

#6 Choose the word closest in meaning to PILFER.

#7 State the mode of the following data set: {2,2,3,3,3,4,5,6,6,6,6,10}

#8 Conniving is to naïve as Ornate is to____________

#9 Find the median of the following data set: {2,5,6,8,11,14,23,26,29}

#10 Insolvent is to bankrupt as Futile is to _______________

#11 Simplify the following: -6(-4x+20)

#12 Facetious is to serious as Ravenous is to _____________

#13 Choose the word closest in meaning to PARSIMONIOUS.

#14 Choose the word closest in meaning to PENITENT.

#15 16. In which quadrant do you find the following co-ordinates? (-3,7)

#16 The area of a square is 121. What will be the sum of any of its three sides?

#17 Down is to up as Standing is to ___________

#18 The football team played 30 games and wins 10 of them. Find the ratio of wins to losses.

#19 Which of the following points are in the III quadrant of the plane?

#20 See the Venn diagram given below and state which area is shown by the shaded portion? DIAGRAM HERE:


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